5 Steps to Create an Arts and Crafts Money-Making Website

Marketing your skills in arts and crafts will be more profitable if you use Internet as their platform. There are various kinds of arts and crafts models can be produced in a website such as recycle crafts site, sculptures site and free stuff website.

If you want to try to utilize those skills and at the same time you want to earn outrageous income stream from it, find out how it can be done through Internet with these 5 simple steps.

1. Get to know your own unique skill in arts and crafts or what ever categories in arts and crafts that can be related directly to your passion and interest.

First of all,recognize your own unique skill within yourself in arts and crafts. If you are a multi skilled human being,then shortlisted it in a piece of paper. Start with the most unique skill you have.

If you have 5 different kinds of unique skills,then jot it down all 5 categories. The more talented skills you have the better.

2. Pick one or two categories to be your main product.

Let say, you have been gifted to be an artist in sculpting woods to become artistic home accessories. Use them as your main product. Make sure your selected product is a product that is not already made by other established craft makers because a unique product will be more attractive to the viewers.

3. Make your own research in website to know what are the competition level in your chosen category.

Make your own research in the Internet about other websites that offered same category with the chosen one. By typing selected keywords such as “sculpt woods”,”wood sculpting”,”home wood decorations” or any suitable keyword in the Search Engine, you will be getting a brief information on the competition level in the same category. The smaller amount of website that offer same category, the better.

If you already chose your main product to be marketed in your first website, then let’s go to the step 4.

4. Recognize some models that already established in online world to be your references.

To me this is one of the important steps to be put in any of your business – online or offline. Why? Because if you want to cut-short the road towards a faster successful business, you need to follow the established website online and grab a part of their market percentage to earn quick money rather than you blown your head off to make your own website with your own idea.

If you try to use your own idea, I guarantee you’ll be facing some of these situations :

a) Chronic Headache – you need to think of which kind of website could be built, how to build it and how to market it?

b) Wasting time – you’ll be wasting most of your precious time with your loves one in making researches to have a good website.

c) Family crisis – sometimes when a wife doesn’t understand what are the husband going to do or vice verse, it will create a small family crisis.

d) Wasting money – this is also a chronic situation if you try to make it yourself. In your journey towards your dream, you will be facing situations where you’ll buy any kind of unusable softwares or references to make sure your website running smoothly.

Do you want to face these situations by yourself? No, right. So,remember,references and models can be some good guidance to succeed in any online business.

5. Getting good softwares to build your first arts and crafts website.

This 5th step can be done by making some researches on which kind of good softwares to build your own website. In arts and crafts website, there are some method to market your products depends on what kind of presentation you want to implement. You can choose either by virtual catalog(if you want to market your products physically), e-book(if you want to market your idea in crafts making), video(if you want to show “How to make a craft?”), free services(if you want to give free written instruction on how to make a craft and at the same time earning income from advertisement) and etc.